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Hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹ That's me, Sara, and my daughter Clementine above, we're half of the team that make up cheekymono, together with my Mum, or Lita as she's known to Clem, and my supportive partner Michael a.k.a the numbers guy!


We've dreamed of building this brand for years but have only just set out on our journey and started cheekymono in Winter 2021.


Lita is Peruvian, but came to the UK when she was just 15-yers-old and has stayed ever since, building a life and raising her two children here. Our family connection to her roots in Peru and appreciation for our heritage has remained strong and lives on to this day.


I’ve been lucky enough to visit Peru several times in my life and can’t wait to go back again, as my travels always leave a lasting impression on my mind and feed my creativity. I’m a self-confessed colour addict, so have always found myself drawn to the bright textiles and bold prints that thrive in the artisan products made all across Peru. A personal favourite inspiration, and one you’ll see in my work on cheekymono, are the Revolución Chicha political neon street art posters that make Limas concrete jungle come alive with vibrant neons and bold typography.

In 2020 Sara became a mum to Clementine and, fascinated by Clems visual development and natural creativity, a renewed love was sparked for her printmaking. Sara began designing posters for her daughters bedroom that would help stimulate her baby and improve her depth of vision and colour distinction.


As Clem grew older, they began to enjoy getting creative together with painting, messy play and crafts a regular part of their play. Sara feels it's really important for kids to get arty for their self expression, mindfulness, fun and learning. She's got lots of ideas on how to have creative fun with your little ones and can't wait to share them with you soon so keep an eye on our kids corner for more!



As well as making and selling her colourful prints, Sara wants to shine a spotlight on the creative brilliance of the female artisans that make the Peruvian products she adores.


From colourful cushions and blankets to cute Alpaca ornaments and bright boho kids clothing, Sara loves the fun artistry found throughout the markets of Peru and wants to bring that to a UK audience. 


Keen to directly support the women and children from our ancestral motherland we source our products carefully to ensure that the women who make them are paid fairly and have safe, good working conditions. We support Fairtrade factories and are against child labour and animal cruelty, working with our suppliers to ensure these practices are not used in the production of our products.


Every sale we make helps us to donate 5% of our profits to charities that help support women and their families in Peru, thank you for helping in this mission.

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